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Visiting Miami

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Miami is indisputably the largest metro city in the state of Florida. This beautiful paradise is home to breathtaking beaches, an abundance of shopping destinations and never-ending outdoor activities that the whole family can enjoy. This makes it the ideal place to visit for nature and water lovers!Once in Miami, there are a lot of sights to see and things to do. Here are the seven must see attractions in Miami.Upon arrival at the Miami International Airport, pick up your car rental from one of the multiple close locations to start your Miami exploration. Once you are heading along the Dolphin Expressway you will come across our lovely Miami skyline. It’s definitely a concrete jungle filled with flare.

South Miami Beach

South Beach

South Beach is the oldest part of Miami and is commonly referred to as the "Art Deco District." The purity of the white sand beach and sparkling blue waters attract thousands of tourists yearly.With an ideal location near Lincoln Road and Ocean Drive, South Beach offers a pleasant contrast between nature and metropolitan. The seaside streets are lined with trendy stores and boutiques, unique art galleries and museums and inexpensive, alfresco cafes and restaurants. Immerse yourself in the local culture and lifestyle for the day and discover the relaxing atmosphere of Miami!

Oceanfront South Beach Hotels

The beachfront hotels create the skyline of the coastline of Miami and capture the essence of the city's tourism industry. Experience the true Miami lifestyle and make your stay an unforgettable one! The hotels that line the streets offer oceanfront views and easy access to the local beaches. The Miami chic resort style hotels are fully equipped to meet all of your needs, with amenities that consist of a beach bar and lounging beach chairs for soaking up the Florida sun and of course beautiful spas for pure relaxation.

Miami Metro Zoo

The Miami Metro Zoo is the perfect destination for a fun day out for the entire family! Home to Asian, Australian and African native animals, the park offers multiple opportunities to interact with the animals and learn interesting facts about their history, habits and natural habitats. While visiting, be sure to feed the giraffe's and visit the "Painting Elephant," an amazing animal that creates artistic masterpieces for your viewing pleasure!

Everglades National Park


If you wish to continue your nature experience, visit Everglades National Park, one of the most unusual public parks in all of America. The park is home to rivers, swampland, and grassland and is the residence of 14 rare and endangered species and a few invasive species like pythons! Visitors can choose to walk, bicycle or boat around the park or opt to take a guided tour, which allows you to discover all that "the river of grass" has to offer.

Bayside Marketplace

Miami is a true shopper's paradise and the Bayside Marketplace is just a taste of what the Miami has offer! Experience the best food, fun and shopping in the area by exploring the exotic restaurants and brand name stores that make this a shopper's dream. With daily live entertainment, including talented street performers and dancers, the culture and lifestyle of the city shine through, allowing you to soak up the exciting atmosphere and ambiance that mingles in the air while enjoying a refreshing pina colada!

Calle Ocho Festival - Carnival Miami

Calle 8

Eighth Street, which is also known as Calle Ocho located in Little Havana, is the center of the Cuban culture in Miami. The Calle Ocho Festival is held annually and is a celebration of the Latino culture. The local streets are sectioned off which allows visitors to safely enjoy the local music, dance, visual arts and foods that are on offer. Try some ropa vieja, empanadas or tamales to get a taste of the local traditional food that all locals love to enjoy. The festival provides for a fun and interesting day out for the family and is one of the cultural highlights of the year in Miami!

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