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Hurricane Season and How to Prepare


In recent years, United States tropical Hurricane Seasons have been getting more intense and costing taxpayers more money than ever before because several homes and buildings were severely damaged, if not destroyed, leaving thousands of families displaced. However, as Miami is known as a city that is highly prone to a hurricane in the United States, because of it low and flat elevations, and has vast open ocean meaning it could get hit from a multitude of different tracks. Hurricane season in Miami is known to officially run around June through November, peaking August through October. The hurricane national weather center is there in Miami and has some of the best meteorologists in the world doing hurricane tracking, it is primarily our Hurricane National Watch Center.

Thus Living in Miami, or anywhere else on the Gulf coast and East coast forces residents and tourists to deal with hurricanes. Perpetuated by Mother Nature, forever an unforgiving and wild woman, hurricanes are devastating to structures, economies, and, most, unfortunately, lives. Hence, if you live in a coastal city like Miami, you know what happens when a hurricane warning is issued. People rush to grocery stores for food and home improvement stores for plywood. Plan ahead to beat the rush. First, store enough non-perishable food, water and supplies for at least two weeks. However, with the start of hurricane season approaching, here is a list of things you can check to make sure your home is ready for a potential storm.

Hurricane Season

Reinforce Garage Doors

You should strengthen the roof of your house. Gabled roofs are more likely to suffer some form of damage than other types, so you should try to have it reinforced. You can try to add some braces for the trusses that serve to hold up the roof.

Employ the use of shutter

Hurricane Shutters

Windows and glass doors are particularly vulnerable when you have very strong storms. There is an easy way of making them storm proof, however, and that is by adding storm shutters to them. You can buy ready-made shutters or planks of wood are also a vast alternative.

Reinforce Garage Doors

If hurricane-strength winds enter through the garage, the chance of costly and potentially dangerous structural damage skyrockets. Garage door braces can keep your garage door in place and secure during a storm.

Secure your Car

Don't park your vehicle under a tree. The winds might be strong enough to uproot the tree and crash on the car. Make sure to not leave your car in a high flood zone area or it may result in a total loss. Possible alternatives in Miami could also be parking it in parking garages.

Build a Safe Room

Authorities recommend that families that are living in areas where hurricanes and tornadoes are a common occurrence to construct a safe room. A safe room is part of the house that is sound enough structurally to withstand the force brought about by extremely strong winds that also has no windows, where a mattress, canned foods and water can be stored without damage.

Take Maintenance Measure

Fix everything at home. Electrical wires that are left hanging and defective should be repaired and put back into its place. Any leaks in your pipe connection, especially your gas pipes should be checked in advance. If your roof is leaking, it should also be fixed and kept in good condition all the time. Annual roof inspections can be a way to stay aware of the the condition of your roof.

Conclusively, the hurricane hunters, the national hurricane center in Miami, the NOAA and NASA are all ready to gather and feed data into the supercomputers so as to help everybody with proper warning to protect all civilians. However, some meteorologists are already predicting a longer than usual Hurricane Season this upcoming year. So stay aware of the developing storms and make sure you are hurricane season ready.

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