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Bars in Miami

The glorious city of Miami is highly acclaimed for its lively nightlife. Needless to say, carousing and night revelry is definitely the most honest approach of making the most of the holidays at Miami! There are umpteen choices if you're a local or tourist looking for a unique stamping ground to loosen up and experience something new. Have a look!

Titanic Brewery

Titanic Brewery

Located on Ponce De Leon Blvd, close to University of Miami campus, it is a spot where beer can be best enjoyed. The Titanic's beers has the essence of finery with light color, low malt and reasonable hop content, all in all it is perfect for quenching your thirst and beer cravings. It also offers home craft beers and ales brewed at their on-site brewery. It's also known as the University of Miami's go to bar. So if you're a local UM fan you should definitely come check it out.



The benchmark of South Beach is by all odds an amazing destination for laughing and embracing the South Beach nightlife and carousing till sunrise. It remains an old-time favorite of hordes of vacationers who are traveling to Miami. The uber-cool bar is renowned to overwhelm with wild revelries and gift a collage of crazy nights to global explorers.

Mango's Tropical Cafe

Mango Cafe

Want to tranquil the senses with mesmerizing Latin beat? Head to Mango's Tropical Café at Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. There is no place better than this for celebrating. Through musical acts and amazing dancing it's an experience like no other. The music is a wonderful blend of diverse Latin music with a touch of modern tunes. Add to this red carpet treatment, delicious drinks and you have a fitting nightclub like no other.


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