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A New Way to Sell Your House

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

We’ve all seen throughout the years the traditional ways to sell a property. You give it to a real estate agent, probably sign an exclusive right of representation with the brokerage firm, the house or apartment is listed on the MLS, and after selling your property you have to give up the usual 5-6 percent commission to the agents. In a standard agreement, that 6% gets divided in half between the buyer's broker and the seller's broker.But what if you could still list your house or apartment on the MLS (and other websites like Zillow and Trulia) and only pay half of that?

Sell a House

The game has changed

We have spoken to multiple landlords and they all feel the same way. They think its a rip-off selling their house with an agent but are also scared of doing it themselves as they don't know who the buyer is, and lack the experience of dealing with the entire process (which can get tricky and confusing sometimes). Also, selling-by-owner limits the ability to showcase your property on the MLS which is the database that is still been used by most real estate agent to sell and buy properties.

Stop overpaying to sell your house.
Sell your house, NO commission.

Introducing "Just Half"

Just Half is a company, based in Miami Florida, that lists your house or apartment on the MLS, publish it on multiple listings such as Trulia and Zillow and assists you with the buying process at no cost. Yes, you read that right, 0 cost.

How can they do that?

While traditional real estate agents charge a 5-6% commission to sell your house, Just Half focuses on the experience and customer service. They are confident that you will be so satisfied with the service that you will buy your next property with them. That's how they make money. By helping you buy your next home, they will charge the traditional 5-6% percent but you don't have to worry about it, as it is paid by the seller of the house.

No more 5-6% commissions when selling your house or apartment.
Meet: Just Half.

But what if you are not planning on buying another house? Just half will still help you selling your property in the least time possible and will charge a flat fee of only $2,999.00, which is still pretty good compared to the traditional 5-6%. Use as an example a house that sells for $500,000.00Through the traditional model you would have to spend about $30,000.00 only in broker fees... That is crazy! With Just Half (as the name implies it) you will only pay half commission (the buyer's half) and 0% to the company which it would be $15,000.00. If you are not buying another property then you will have to pay them $17,999.00, which you are still saving over $12,000.00.

Save Money

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