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$50 Million Dollar Mansion Sells in Miami-Dade

Miami Skyline

Can you imagine owning a 10 bedroom, 14 bathroom mansion with it's own private beach with pink sand imported directly from the prestige beaches of the Bahamas. Well according to the Miami Herald writer Rene Rodriguez, one lucky buyer is living the life in his newly purchased mansion in Miami-Dade located on Indian Creek Island. This $50 million dollar home comes equipped with a sky bar, 3-D home theater and a 100-foot private pool. Can you say luxurious! The final sale of this breath taking property was closed on February 1st, 2019 by realtors Tal and Oren Alexander to a private cash buyer who wished to not have his name disclosed.This mansion is being recorded as the most expensive home to be sold on the market in Miami, Fl to this day. Although there are many more properties on the market that are valued at a higher price than this mansion on Indian Creek many of these properties have yet to be sold. So if you're fishing for a luxurious new mansion in Miami don't worry there are plenty of amazing homes left on the market waiting for you!

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