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5 Things to Know When Selling Your Home

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Miami Real Estate in south Florida is hot and booming. Demand is high with short inventories making buyers indulge in bidding wars to buy properties. In such a scenario, it seems that selling a house for a homeowner must be a cakewalk as buying a house in Miami is the dream of millions of individuals across the country. However, you could find selling difficult with few offers if you do not price your property right and do not market it properly. Here are top 5 things to know to make selling your house in Miami smooth and hassle free.

1. Get an appraisal

the value of properties

Getting an appraisal from a neutral, experienced appraiser is a good idea if you do not have idea of fair market value of your house. Appraisal may cost you around $400 but you can certainly save much more than this amount if you are not sure about the value of the house.

2. Hire an experienced realtor

There is no substitute for experience. If you are selling your house in Miami, having a local and experienced realtor can mean the difference between long and tiring selling endeavor and a smooth and hassle-free exercise. Also, an honest realtor on your side also means getting close and even above your asking price. There are thousands of investors keen on investing in real estate in Miami, so it is of utmost importance to hire a great realtor for selling your house.

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3. Ask about fees and commission involved

It is always prudent to learn about the costs involved with selling your house in Miami. In addition to the commission of 5-6 % of the sale price charged by the agent, you are also required to pay many other costs associated with selling. Ask about all these costs when hiring a realtor to not feel disappointed when asked to pay the money at the time of selling.

4. Fix small issues to improve the value of your house

Follow the recommendations of your agent with regards to home improvements. This is in your own interest as he knows how to make your house desirable for those buying a house in Miami. The money you spend in these repairs can be recovered by the increase in its value.

5. Go for a paint job

Painting a house

It goes without saying that a freshly painted house looks nice and attractive to potential buyers. It also helps in hiding many of the small imperfections that can deter many buyers.

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